“Curative International Marketing: The Next Step Up”

The following is the first installment of Professor Michael Czinkota’s  editorial, “Curative International Marketing: The Next Step Up.”

“2012 marks the 75th anniversary of the academic field of International Marketing. As the world was emerging from tariff wars, Collins reported on the existence of different markets in ‘World Marketing”. 30 years later Kramer’s book on “International Marketing” looked at the border crossing process, and on the activities necessary once the border had been crossed.

Since then, with reasonable regularity, major shifts have occurred in increments of 30 some years. The discipline shifted from strictly domestic marketing (staying inside), to world marketing (peeking out from the inside), to international marketing (becoming active in leading markets), to globalization (linking all markets together). Today, another major shift is in the making, indicated by the discontent with globalization and a global crisis of trust.

CURATIVE INTERNATIONAL MARKETING, in the sense of restoring and developing international economic health may be the next marketing direction. ‘Restoring’ indicates something lost which once was there. ‘Developing’ refers to new issues to be addressed with new tools and frames of reference. ‘Health’ in turn positions the issue as important to overall welfare, which marketing needs to address, resolve and improve. Marketers must deliver joy, pleasure, fulfillment, safety, personal growth, and achieve advancement towards a better society, and do so across borders.”

Please stay tuned for the other installments of “Curative International Marketing: The Next Step Up.”

Spanish Version: Marketing Internacional y su Importancia

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