Benefits of the U.S. – Colombian Trade Promotion Agreement

Source: USTR

The U.S. – Colombia trade agreement is crucial in maintaining the U.S. share of this important market. It plays an integral part of the President’s efforts to increase opportunities for U.S. businesses, farmers, ranchers, and workers through improved access for their products and services in foreign markets. The Agreement supports the President’s National Export Initiative goal of doubling of U.S. exports. It will also enhance the competitiveness of both small and large U.S. businesses in Colombia’s growing economy.

In hopes of a greater number of U.S. exports, more American jobs, and enhanced U.S. competitiveness the agreement allows for significant barriers to U.S. goods entering Colombia’s market to be removed. In order to do so, it requires that there be expanded access to services market, greater protection for intellectual property rights, commitments to protect labor rights, commitments to protect the environment, fair and open government procurement, and a level playing field for U.S. investors.

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