More International Scholars at Georgetown?

As firms go international organizational restructuring may become necessary. This applies not only to commercial enterprises but also to universities.

 Georgetown University’s Provost Groves announced on January 30, 2013  that 4 new positions will be created in order to “support [the] continued growth of our educational and research agenda.” They will be filled by current faculty and thereby promote increased communication flows from the faculty to the Provost office.

The office will be reorganized by the addition of 3 new Vice-Provosts, one overseeing faculty, the second education and the third research. The goals for these new positions include; recruiting world-class scholars and teachers, the integration of both undergraduate and graduate programs along with facilitating research projects by faculty.

There will also be a Vice-President for Finance and Program Analytics.

The focus on recruiting, integration and measurement is likely to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Georgetown’s programs and activities. International scholars will bring new thinking to campus which will bring us all closer.

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