Online Resources and the Government shutdown to be felt

Effects of the US government shutdown are made to be felt throughout the economy. Furloughed employees are no longer working at all, military commissaries are closed indefinitely and government funded websites are no longer running. Many of these curtailments are unnecessary and designed to foment discontent.

One positive example is the website of he United States Trade Representative. It states:

“Due to lapse in funding, the USTR website will remain live, but without updates, for the duration of the government shutdown.”

There needs to be respect for the budget responsibility of the U.S. House of Representatives -but there also exists a requirement for the fiduciary duty of government financial recipients to stretch resources the furthest length possible and to devise innovative ways to continue as much work and service as at all possible.

Budget disputes should not become a cause to demonstrate worst possible outcomes. Offices which fall prey to partisanship in the budget dispute run the risk for themselves and their constituents that long memories it might lead to transformational budget changes for them

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