Foreword of My New Book “AS I SEE IT” By Claudia Fritsche

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Illustration by the cartoonist David Clark

H.E. Claudia Fritsche

Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary

Washington D.C.

When I met Prof. Michael Czinkota in 2003, it had been less than 2 years since I had the privilege to establish the Liechtenstein Embassy in Washington. He immediately was very generous in offering to share his knowledge and experience. Since the field of economics is not my expertise, I was immensely grateful for his support in not only raising the profile of the Embassy but also helping me become acquainted with the many nuances and layers of the U.S. economy and its global impact. Since Prof. Czinkota was born and raised in Germany and was partly educated in an Austrian school very close to Liechtenstein, he is familiar with my country, with its history, its economic system as well as the trans-Atlantic cultural differences, therefore able to understand how the U.S. economy is viewed even from the perspective of a small country. Professor Czinkota further broadened his engagement with my country by teaching at the University of Liechtenstein.

Many visiting Liechtenstein dignitaries as well as LLM classes of the University of Liechtenstein have over the years had the opportunity to interact at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, upon invitation of Prof. Czinkota who offered a unique platform by including students and faculty in the subsequent discussions. Professor Czinkota, having had a distinguished career within the U.S. Administration, has a very special talent in reaching out to students as well as his colleagues to connect the academic world with private sector and Government representatives. He enabled Liechtenstein visitors to exchange views and learn more about what drives the U.S. economic system.

Being a leading researcher in the fields of international business and marketing, Prof. Czinkota is and continues to be a wealth of knowledge which he so wonderfully shares by writing concise pieces for key audiences, for business executives, and policy makers who cannot or will not put time aside to read elaborate manuscripts. I particularly like the combination of his findings with cartoons. A little humor never hurts, especially in combination with otherwise sometimes dry subjects. Jokes aside, this book is an important resource for experts and novices alike to gain an insightful perspective on the U.S. and global economies in a way that presents the numerous variables that impact our everyday lives in an easily comprehensible manner.

This book marks again Prof. Czinkota’s distinct ability to blend different economic perspectives, those by the business sector, the policy makers and the academic world. e compilation of his articles and editorials reflect how business reaches even the most remote places on earth and how political developments have an immediate effect on the economy as such and international trade in particular.

I agree with Prof. Czinkota who says: “Reading this book will leave you with more understanding, smarter, and more capable of making this world better for all of us. Reading it for just three minutes before you fall asleep will make you the smartest person in the room the next day.”

For more information about the book, please see here.

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