AtCommencement with Almost 1,000 Business School Graduates

It was a pleasure to be at commencement with almost 1,000 business school graduates. Helping to formulate thoughts and minds is a great mission and accomplishment.

It was a great pleasure to be with colleagues Othmar Winkler, SeniorProfessor emeritus (he was instrumental in hiring me at Georgetown) and professor Thomas Cooke, Senior Professor at Georgetown.

Marketing Textbook by McDonough Professors Cited in 1,000 Scholarly Articles

by MSB Georgetown

International Marketing, an oft-used marketing textbook used in undergraduate business and MBA programs nationwide written by Georgetown professors of marketing Michael Czinkota and Ilkka A. Ronkainen reached, 1,000 citations on Google Scholar.

Google Scholar tracks the number of times each book or article is cited in publicly available scholarly works. The number of citations is a generally accepted indicator of the confidence industry scholars place in a particular book or article. As of Oct. 6, 2014, International Marketing was cited 1,007 times. Czinkota and Ronkainen’s book is on its 10th edition, which was published 2013. The first edition was published in 1988.

Czinkota and Ronkainen note that when they started working on International Marketing in 1984, the world of trade and international investment was, for the most part, left up to the experts. Most firms operating globally were large, multinational corporations, and small- and medium-sized companies were just beginning to establish themselves in the international marketplace.

Since it was first published, International Marketing has differentiated itself from similar textbooks by highlighting how strategies for new-to-market companies and firms differ from strategies for established firms in international markets. Furthermore, because professors have worked and written in Washington, D.C., their access to law makers, regulators, and lobbyists has allowed the two to incorporate research on trade and international business policy into the textbook.

For Czinkota and Ronkainen, focusing on these aspects of international marketing early on has allowed them to continue to feature modern concerns in international marketing in the subsequent editions of their book. “By now, international trade and investment have become a common concern,” Czinkota and Ronkainen wrote. “We gave major play to non-U.S. firms and governments and introduced chapters on logistics, services marketing, marketing with governments, and countertrade.”

–David Chardack