Global Transportation Issues To Keep In Mind

An important aspect of the global supply chain is that of physical distribution and transportation mode choice. Transportation is one major factor to consider because it determines how and when goods will be received. It can be further divided into three components: infrastructure, the availability of modes, and the choice of modes among the given alternatives. It is the role of the international manager to then understand the transportation infrastructures in other countries and the various modes of transportation. The choice of these modes will depend on the customer’s demands and the firm’s transit time, predictability, and cost requirements. In addition, noneconomic factors, such as government regulations, weigh heavily in this decision.

Source: Czinkota, Michael R., Ilkka A. Ronkainen, and Michael H. Moffett. Fundamentals of International Business. Mason, OH: Thomson/South-Western, 2004. 311.

Trabajando en la Redefinición del Marketing Internacional – El Contexto en el Campo

In “Marketing Internacional Curativo: Nuevo Enfoque en el Campo”, Professor Michael Czinkota addresses different ways in which the redefinition of International Marketing can be worked with. He classifies them into four groups: The context in the field, the world and its problems, integration and proximity, and doing the right thing and in the correct manner.

Today we will discuss:

El Contexto en el Campo – Context in the Field
The main objective of International Marketing is to guarantee that transactions are carried out in the most effective and efficient manner, to understand there are many unmet necessities around the world, and to improve people’s standard of living.

The aim should always be to make a breakthrough in global society. And it is important that simplicity be maintained.

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¡Marketing Internacional y Su Importancia!

The following is the first installment of Professor Michael Czinkota’s  article “Marketing Internacional Curativo: Nuevo Enfoque en el Campo”.

In this segment, the importance of international marketing is touched on. It has not only led to the accumulation of benefits amongst consumers but also entire countries, businesses and their employees.

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Coming soon: The second installment of Professor Michael Czinkota’s “Marketing Internacional Curativo: Nuevo Enfoque en el Campo“. Stay tuned.

As I Was Saying…Observations on International Business and Trade Policy, Exports, Education, and the Future

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