Board of Editorialists

We are delighted to have four accomplished professional editorialists to share their advice in terms of how to write a great editorial piece for the students. Our guests encouraged our students to think of their homes, their communities and their personal stories when they draft articles on international trade. Students found it very useful! Thanks again, Jennifer C. Boettcher of the Business Reference Librarian at Georgetown Business School, Nicolette Hurd of the Digital Transformation Lead at The McCormick Group Inc., Hannelore Veit of the Bureau Chief, Austrian Public Broadcasting, and Linda Feldmann of the Washington Bureau Chief, Christian Science Monitor.

About the photo: A generous donation by our cousin Prof. Dr. Robert Haddad of Norte Dame University of Lebanon. His latest book, titled A Man of Honor , describes and discusses   the role of Michael Fadlallah El Haddad in the Austrian-Hungarian where he rose from stable boy to General of the Cavalry. Naturally, the opportunity to take a photo in the Hariri building with a bust of the former Prime Minister was highly welcomed.

Georgetown First Year Seminar – Ideas and More

Yesterday we had an amazing session with our editorialists. Each student took about 5 mins to discuss their fantastic ideas with experts and listened to their suggestions.


Thank you all for the help and your great thoughts! Looking forward to seeing the students’ products!

Professor Michael Czinkota ( teaches international marketing at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in Washington D.C. and the University of Kent at Canterbury, U.K. His key book (with Ilkka Ronkainen) is International Marketing, 10th ed., CENGAGE