International Business Jeopardy Question – New series launched!

We are excited to announce that a new round of international business jeopardy question competition just started!

We will post a series of 10 international business jeopardy questions. The candidate with the most correct answers will receive Professor Czinkota’s  new book on international business and marketing with his signature.

Anyone at anywhere of the world is free to join us! All you need is to leave a comment.

Question 1. What is the name of the largest island in the world? (Hint: It is first visited by the notorious Viking, Eric the Red)

How Patterns of International Business and Trade Have Changed

Viewed over the long haul, we can distinguish patterns of ebb and flow in the international business and trade arena. Today we often find the claim that “if it’s not on Google it does not exist.” However, long-term observers recognize that, just like Saint Augustin who prayed in about 400 A.D. “Lord, make me chaste, but not yet” policy makers and executives often develop strong if not nontransparent measures to delay or even defeat the easing of international trade and investment flows. There are also the times where change cannot happen quickly enough, where everyone aims to streamline and fast track legislation and international accords by limiting the influence of deliberate legislative votes.

Trabajando en la Redefinición del Marketing Internacional

Over the past couple of days there have been various posts on Professor Michael Czinkota’s editorial article, “Marketing Internacional Curativo: Nuevo Enfoque en el Campo”. The importance of International Marketing has been discussed both as an aspect of international business and as an academic field. There are clear benefits to international marketing (third installment), but there are also areas that could use improvement (fourth installment.

There are also four different approaches that are presented in order to demonstrate the various ways of working within the new definition of international marketing. They include The Context on the Field – El Contexto en el Campo, The World and its Problems – Verificar la Realidad: Observen el Mundo y sus Problemas, Integration and Proximity – Integración y Proximidad, and Doing the Right Thing and Correctly – Hacer Cosas Correctamente y Hacerlo Correcto.

Professor Michael Czinkota’s conclusion on working with the new definition of international marketing from his editorial, “Marketing Internacional Curativo: Nuevo Enfoque en el Campo”, is available here.

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