A Philippine perspective of YOLO

Ireene Leoncio studied at Georgetown University and for two years served as my research and teaching assistant. Ireene worked in the advertising and media industry in New York City but is now back home in the Philippines. She is currently a Professor at De La Salle University Manila.

In this TEDx talk, Ireene explains her version of YOLO and FOMO. She goes on to talk about how her experience as a fish feeder and teaching assistant in this University inspired her to go back home and feed young minds.

Watch it here:


Embassy of the Principality of Liechtenstein hosts professor Michael Czinkota and Georgetown University Students

by Anna Astvatsatryan

November 14, Washington DC – Ambassador Claudia Fritsche hosted a lunch for professor Michael Czinkota, professor Matthew Cypher and Georgetown University students at the Embassy of the Principality of Liechtenstein.

“The embassy of Liechtenstein is one of the dearest friends of Georgetown University, said Michael Czinkota, of the McDonough School of Business. “Each year, Georgetown University acquires a full-page in the Wall Street Journal, where it lists partner organizations that have been most involved with the school. In 2013, I was happy to see the Embassy of Liechtenstein ranked at the top.”

GROUP1During the lunch, Madam Ambassador solicited insights from the students, and addressed current international economic issues. She also presented the position of the Principality of Liechtenstein regarding politico-economic changes in the international environment.

Ambassador Fritsche also answered questions from Georgetown students, discussing the position of Liechtenstein in regard of the ongoing international trade negotiations. Madam Ambassador also shared the successes that the Embassy of Liechtenstein has achieved during the twelve years of its operations in the US.

Ambassador Claudia Fritsche assumed her duties as the first resident Ambassador of Liechtenstein in Washington at the beginning of October 2002. Earlier this year, Thomas Zwiefelhofer, Deputy Prime Minister of the Principality of Liechtenstein, paid a visit to the McDonough School of Business of Georgetown University.