Values and Freedom: Part 1

In a global setting, freedom, can take on many dimensions. Privileges and obligations that are near and dear to some may well be cheap and easily disposed of by others. The views of one society may differ from views held in other regions of the world. Such differences then account for misunderstandings, surprises, and long-term conflicts.

There are two value dimensions at work here, both them highly relevant to global marketing. One may be defined as the freedom and values of a market economy. To make them work, governmental, managerial, and corporate virtue, vision, and veracity are required. Unless the world can believe in the messages and behaviors of institutions and their leaders, it will be difficult to forge a global commitment between those doing the marketing and the ones being marketed too. It is therefor of vital interest to the proponents of freedom and international marketing to ensure that corruption, bribery, lack of transparency, and poor governance are exposed for their negative effects in any settings or society. The main remedy will be the collaboration of the global policy community to agree on what constitutes transgressions combined with swift punishment of the culprits involved.

This is an excerpt from Dr. Czinkota’s book Global Business: Positioning Ventures Ahead, co-authored by Dr. Ilkka Ronkainen.

Michael R Czinkota and Ilkka A Ronkainen, Global Business: Positioning Ventures Ahead (New York: Routledge, 2011), pg. 236-237.

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