Microsoft ditches Nokia in rebranding effort

Nokia’s French Facebook page was the first to deliver the news with a post on Tuesday informing fans that the name is changing from Nokia to Microsoft Lumia.

Microsoft bought Finland’s Nokia for $7.2 billion in April. Trying to transition from a desktop and software guru into the handheld-obsessed market, Microsoft purchased Nokia’s smartphone business and a portfolio of patents and services.

Microsoft is in the process of cutting back the number of employees, and plans to layoff 18,000 staff in the next year Satya Nadella took over the helm at Microsoft as CEO in February 2014. He succeededSteven Ballmer, who held the top position for over a decade, but failed to stay on the same page as competitors who were transforming the tech industry away from the desktop PC.


In most countries, obtaining space of an existing distribution center is a simple matter of paying rent. In what country is the process a good deal more complicated than this?

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Answer to last week’s “Jeopardy!”: What are the five most valuable global brands in the world? According to the annual review by BusinessWeek and Interbrand, the top five are Coca-Cola, Apple, IBM, Microsoft and GE.