Migrant Entrepreneurship Presentation AIB 2020 Panel

Below is a presentation I gave at the 2020 annual meeting of the Academy of International Business. The address was given for a panel on Migrant Entrepreneurship, which can be financially and culturally beneficial for migrants and local small businesses (some of which may well grow into large firms). Just think of Elon Musk (Tesla) – South Africa, Sergey Brin (Google) – Russia, and Peter Thiel (Investor) – Germany as innovators from the next front door.

Presentation on International Marketing and Migrant Owned Enterprises

Prof. Czinkota is presenting collectively with Prof. Gary Knight and Prof. Zaheer Khan the latest research on International Marketing and Migrant Owned Enterprises. Click on the link to view slides highlighting insights from their research!

CGTN Interview – Refugees and the Economy

What impact do refugees have on the economy, and how best can they integrate into their new home? I explore these issues in my interview on CGTN.