Presentation of Chinese Scroll

Dr. Czinkota receives a scroll with a Chinese poem written in calligraphy from Professor Youhua Lou.

chinese scroll copy

Below is the poem and its English translation. The poem describes the beauties of the mountain village in the sunset that is clear after the rain and the pure-hearted personality of villagers. The poet focuses on landscapes to express his satisfaction as a recluse who was a person of unsullied character and pursued the ideal state.

An Autumn Evening in the Mountains

Wang Wei

After rain the empty mountain
Stands autumnal in the evening,

Moonlight in its groves of pine,
Stones of crystal in its brooks.

Bamboos whisper of washer-girls bound home,
Lotus-leaves yield before a fisher-boat —

The scents of spring may go; that’s Nature’s will.
This season here attracts the noble still.