Expert Talk: Mr. John Diamond – World Bank Group

We truly enjoyed having Mr. John Diamond to come and share his thoughts on working in the World Bank. He talked about the different projects that are being done in the institution. One of them is We-Fi, which is the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative. He also talked about the formalization of businesses and how it affects international development. He covered the topic of FDI and how it fluctuates with different countries. The students showed a lot of interest in getting to know about Mr. Diamond’s journey to the World Bank as well as the opportunities to work in the prestigious institute. 

Expert Talk: Alan Beard from Interlink Capital Strategies

It was our honor to host Mr. Alan Beard, who leads Interlink Capital Strategies a management-consulting and private equity firm. He provided insights on the role of emerging markets in driving global growth, the concept of global export credit and the work done by Development Financial Institutions among various other topics. It was an interactive session where he discussed case studies and answered various interesting questions that the students had. One of the students wrote “His discussion of the variety of risks that inhibit cross-border capital flows, which are especially prevalent in the emerging and frontier markets, helped me contextualize and better understand the domain in which Interlink Capital Strategies operates and their institutional obstacles.”

Expert Talk: Barry Rhoads from Cassidy & Associates

 It was our pleasure to welcome Mr. Barry Rhoads to share his insights with the students at Georgetown on Oct 23rd. Barry described a fascinating journey from serving a member of the military to working in the private sector and then chairing one of the largest lobbying firms in Washington DC. “I was already curious about the lobbyist field, and this interest was only further encouraged by his wonderful presentation. “, one of the students wrote after Barry’s visit.

Expert Talk: Congressman Charles W. Boustany Jr.

We truly enjoyed having Congressman Charles W. Boustany Jr. and Margaret Cekuta to come and share with their work in international trade with us. One of our students writes, “I admired Congressman Boustany’s story about his career journey, as he started out as a heart surgeon, but without any political establishment in his district, decided to run for Congress to affect positive change in his community and beyond.” From heart surgeon to a congressman, thank you for sharing your insights with us! And thank you Margaret (GU’12) to serve as a role model for many of our students!