Michael Czinkota on Japanese economy, preparation for 2020 Olympics

On August 22nd, Professor Czinkota had a real-time interview with CCTV America’s anchor Jessica Stone to discuss Tokyo’s progress in preparing for the 2020 Games and the impact of Tokyo’s first and newly-elected woman governor Yuriko Koike.

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Answer to Jeopardy Question from 9/15

Why is it easy for a stranger to get lost in Tokyo?

It’s easy to get lost in Tokyo because it is one of the biggest, most populous cities in the world. It has grown with virtually no zoning, so that factories stand next to houses, next to schools, next to bars, next to ancient Shinto Temples, and there are almost no street names, numbers or signs. The best way to tell a stranger how to find you is to memorize the locations of coffee shops in various parts of the city, rehearse giving directions to them, and then describe their location to your visitors. Then you can go and meet them there.