International Marketing: An Imperative for Southeast Europe

“International marketing is the best way to increase national strength and status for those nations of limited territory and resources. This key activity strengthens both individuals and nations. The countries of SEE are small and inexperienced in international business competition. They lack resources: financial, technological, know-how, and products,” the authors said in the paper. “Only by engaging in the international market will companies gain the necessary skills that they still lack.”

Dr. Valbona Zeneli is a professor of national security studies at the Marshall Center. Zeneli’s current teaching and research interest include international economy, Southeast European security issues, institutional reforms, and good governance.

Dr. Michael Czinkota teaches international business and trade in the Graduate School of Business at Georgetown University. Czinkota’s current research focuses on trade policy, global market entry and expansion strategies, and export development policies. Czinkota’s latest book, written with Ilkka Ronkainen, is International Marketing (10th edition), published in 2013.

Located in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, the Marshall Center is a joint U.S.-German partnership and one of five Department of Defense regional centers, It conducts resident, outreach and alumni based programs and has better than 9,900 alumni in 145 countries around the world.

The paper is available here.