Trade Tensions Felt in Florida

[Original Story from Jerry Haar of Miami Herald] – What are the costs of picking a fight with our neighbors to the north? The answer may surprise you.

The US recently announced it would levy anti-dumping penalties against Canada. These actions specifically target softwood timber, dairy, and steel. While the full effects are yet to be fully assessed, and opposition has been raised by an unexpected source: Florida.

According to a recent story in the Miami Herald, trade between Canada and Florida is booming. On closer investigation, this should be no surprise. Canada and Florida are natural complements. The former is vast, cold, and full of resources. The latter is tropical with an extensive coastline. Vacationers looking for a change of pace could choose no better destination.

As tensions over trade grow with Canada, the hurt may be felt far south in Florida. Given his affinity for the palm trees and relaxation the state has to offer, hopefully President Trump will keep this in mind going forward.

Find the original story by Jerry Haar from the Miami Herald HERE

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