Socialising Business Conference


The PhD Students of Kent Business School (University of Kent) organized the 1st International Doctoral Conference “Socialising Business Research: Connecting and Advancing Knowledge” (SBR2017). SBR2017 was envisioned by research students for research students with the aim to connect PhD students from business schools across Europe and beyond.

Research socialisation will took place within the interdisciplinary business context, where PhD students across all years of study were exposed to a wide range of business research topics, developing an appreciation for different perspectives, methods and theories. Formal and informal events were provided to network with fellow PhDs, academics and industry professionals. Professional Development Workshops (PDW) (both field-specific and generic on research skills) had been a great opportunity for learning on publishing and research methodologies.

1DSC00358 (1) DSC00373 (1)

2(Photos taken by Juliane Thieme for SBR Kent 2017)

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