A Month Across the Pond: My Time at Kent Business School

This past month, I had the great opportunity to travel to England, where I taught a seminar session on International Business in a Dynamic Environment in Canterbury. Over the course of four weeks we discussed the many different aspects of International Business with students, and the discussion proved to be both deep and mind opening.


DSCF9497(photos courtesy of: Matt Wilson)

I have already started planning for my next seminar next summer, together with the staff of the Cathedral of Canterbury to offer a course possibly entitled, ” Business Insights on Honor; Curative Thinking and the Soul of Business During Times of Conflict.” We hope to make this seminar even more dynamic, that we will be able to host it inside the Canterbury Cathedral, next to the remembrance to Thomas Beckett, whose murder on December 29, 1170 memorializes the conflict between Church and State.

The approach, the venue, the context, and the presenters will ensure a total immersion seminar, at reasonable Canterbury tuition rates. If you are interested in participating, please contact us now at czinkotm@georgetown.edu

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