This interview for the Washington D.C. area addresses the two hot button issues of 2020: international trade and healthcare.
President Trump has made it clear that trade is important to him, and he lets us know repeatedly through his policies that this is important for the citizens of our country as well. 
International trade deeply shapes who we are as people. It affects what we eat and thus our health and healthcare are a key part of our existence.  The candy bars that we all enjoy use sugar from the Caribbean. Thus, without realizing, we all take part in International Trade. 
Another very interesting topic covered is the need for health care tourism, where patients fly out of the country to get affordable treatment. The United States spends more than any country on healthcare. This kind of travel for healthcare has become more common over time. For example, in Hungary, there are complete packages that take care of dental procedures including visits to castles and fine restaurants, , flight tickets and hotel stays.
Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in healthcare. China is leading in using robots for medical purposes. The equipment that is used is produced in different parts of the world and then compiled. This involves again the concept of international trade. China is a major player and capable of expanding its activities very rapidly by investing abroad.- it may also need to do so with some urgency in light of the growing global epidemic of the Coronavirus.
There are several questions that evolve such as, does international trade affect our healthcare cost? Is it time to change to a new healthcare business model and disrupt the system? What is required by individuals?
Nicolette DeVidar talks to professor Czinkota and two established healthcare change leaders to answer these questions and discuss issues involving about healthcare tourism, boundaries that need to come down, our current healthcare business model, employer, and employee responsibility.
Keywords– Knowledge-Economy, Media and Safety, Interaction of health and trade, Sustainable healthcare tourism, sustainable trade, Virtual care, Artificial Intelligence, Cross Border facilitation, health package bundling, global competition

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