As I Was Thinking… Observations and Thoughts on International Business and Trade

As I Was Thinking is now available through

book as i was thinkingAs I Was Thinking is a compilation of articles and editorials previously published by Professor Michael Czinkota in news media worldwide. It contains insight into the core issues of international business and trade such as innovation, economics, and conflict. The themes covered in this book reflect how international business has changed over the years. A cartoon developed by Czinkota and award winning cartoonist David Clark accompanies each analysis to further illustrate the environment of international business and investment.

In the words of Congressman Donald Manzullo, who wrote the foreword of the book, “in his latest publication, Czinkota does what he does best: he weaves together theory and practice of international business and trade.” He goes on to say, “Czinkota’s book is fun to read and loaded with anecdotes that reduce the theoretical to practical. He’s a first class professor who gets it.”