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How did the Yellow, Red, and Black Seas get their names?

The Yellow Sea is named for the yellow silt deposited by the Yellow River in its waters; the Red Seas gets its name from the masses of reddish seaweed found in its waters; the Black Sea is quite dark and stormy, thus the name Black Sea.

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What is the most widely spoken language on Earth?

Answer: Mandarin Chinese. About 726 million speak Mandarin Chinese, most of them in China. About 397 million speak English and other 400 million use English as a second language. About 274 million speak Russian, 254 million speak Hindi and 251 million speak Spanish.

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Gauchos say that if you need a fork, then you need a plate, then you need a table, and then you need a chair — and before long you’re living in a house with a woman and a bunch of kids and a dog that kills your chickens. So forget the forks. Stick with your caballo (horse) and eat with your manos (hands), say the gauchos.