Can We Really Delete The Past? A British Campaign Aims To Do Just That

What started as a simple idea over two years ago, has grown into a law that very well may be passed through the new Conservative leadership of Britain’s, Theresa May. The new Prime Minister of the UK has been insistent on passing “safeguards” that would allow children, once they turn 18 to delete any derogatory or incriminating former social media posts, photos, and even comments.

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Why You Should Read This Blog

In my many commentaries and editorials over the decades, I provide a long-term perspective of issues, campaigns, and phenomena. Going beyond the flavor of the month and conveying a perspective of historic embeddedness is the key purpose of this blog. We can learn from the past, not only by understanding what was done before us, but also by appreciating the context in which changes occur. The commentary format allows the reader to escape the major studying approach.

Ongoing involvement with policy makers and firms has taught me that many people do not read academic books or even high-quality journal articles. Working one’s way through them is typically considered too laborious and insufficiently stimulating. However, decision makers do read short pieces, articles, and commentaries. The opportunity to communicate with leaders is much higher with the short piece. Of course, the comments usually need to be based on a background of significant research and understanding of an issue. Yet, short writings are instrumental in bringing issues to the fore, and, eventually, in precipitating understanding and perhaps even change.