Trade Tensions Felt in Florida

[Original Story from Jerry Haar of Miami Herald] – What are the costs of picking a fight with our neighbors to the north? The answer may surprise you.

The US recently announced it would levy anti-dumping penalties against Canada. These actions specifically target softwood timber, dairy, and steel. While the full effects are yet to be fully assessed, and opposition has been raised by an unexpected source: Florida.

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Cost Savings: Worker Relocation CLICK TO READ

Many financial firms are relocating their employees away from the Big Apple in order to save on costs. Deutsche Bank plans to save $6billion annually by 2015 and relocating staff to their Jacksonville, FL office is just one critical step to this process. The convenience of a lesser stressful commute and larger living space is worth the 2 hour plane flight to New York City every once in a while. With a 40% drop in the cost of living neither employee nor employer is one to complain.

With job relocation on the rise, from expats to illegal immigrants in the United States, would one suspect Americans to begin taking jobs in Mexico? In light of the immigration debate over whether illegal immigrants are “stealing” US jobs, what if the roles were reversed? What if US citizens are actually being employed more and more by firms located in Mexico? It sure would save overhead costs for employers. Now there is some food for thought…

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Source: WSJ