As I See It…Views on International Business Crises, Innovations, and Freedom

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 11.56.44 PMWe have an exciting news to share with our readers! Professor Czinkota’s new book, “as I see it”, is now available on business express’s official website. This book presents “the best of 2016” about the core issues of international business, explained and analyzed within 750 words. Also, each analysis is accompanied by a cartoon, developed by Czinkota and award-winning cartoonist David Clark.

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Why International Marketing strengthens Freedom



You may ask what freedom has to do with international marketing. Freedom is about options. If there is no alternative, there is no freedom. A true alternative provides the opportunity to make a decision, to exercise virtue. In the blaze of the klieg lights, it is easy to make the “right’’ decision. at is not an exercise in virtue, because real alternatives arr effectively removed. e true selection among alternatives takes place in the darkness of night when nobody is looking.

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On Freedom and International Marketing, Part 7: Joint Occurrence

This is one of the published series on the linkages between freedom and international marketing.

How do freedom and international marketing match with today’s discontent so forcefully expressed by the disgruntlement of the anti-globalists? Many claim that never before in history has there been so much evidence about such strong opposition to globalization and to Americans as harbingers of international marketing.

Perhaps those making such claims are sadly mistaken. In looking at other ‘‘globalizers’’ in world history, such as the Vikings, the Mongols, the Tatars, and the Romans, there probably was both intellectual and physical opposition (or do we really believe that everybody enjoyed Genghis Khan?). But protest was never allowed to become very vocal, or to engage in repeated, large demonstrations or widespread pamphleteering. Due to rather harsh policies of dealing with the opposition, very few records of such resistance are available today. Consequently, comparisons with past events are difficult to make and are likely to be highly inaccurate.

Today’s news is good. The nations, institutions and individuals around the world are increasingly accepting freedom as the key foundation of the good life. We are discovering that international marketing, both as a discipline and as an activity is very closely interwoven with freedom—some even call it essential. It is the freedom Thomas Aquinas saw as the means to human excellence and happiness which international marketing helps us reach. In reciprocal causality, freedom causes and facilitates international marketing, while international marketing is a key support of the cause of freedom. A productive symbiosis at work!

How Patterns of International Business and Trade Have Changed

Viewed over the long haul, we can distinguish patterns of ebb and flow in the international business and trade arena. Today we often find the claim that “if it’s not on Google it does not exist.” However, long-term observers recognize that, just like Saint Augustin who prayed in about 400 A.D. “Lord, make me chaste, but not yet” policy makers and executives often develop strong if not nontransparent measures to delay or even defeat the easing of international trade and investment flows. There are also the times where change cannot happen quickly enough, where everyone aims to streamline and fast track legislation and international accords by limiting the influence of deliberate legislative votes.