11 Useful Tips to Get an Internship

Internships are an important part of a college students’ resume and professional experience with 52% of hired recent graduates having held one prior to graduation. Exploring international options is also useful to gain a competitive edge over others.

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Global Marketing and Freedom- Intro

In light of the recent Norwegian bombing, we will be presenting a series over the next few days focused on freedom and terrorism’s effect on international business.

There is, in fact, a direct connection between global trading and freedom. Global marketing is essential to freedom because freedom is about options. Options provide the opportunity to make decisions. Withe international marketing, companies, cross borders to provide more then one choice for customers. Global marketing does so in all corners of the globe, in the glamorous ones as well as in the small and remote ones where the efforts are not seen by others. By operating both in the lime -light and well outside of it, international markers offer freedom by providing options to the seller and the buyer — whether it is in supplying or purchasing, pricing or selecting

This is an excerpt from Dr. Czinkota’s book Global Business: Positioning Ventures Ahead, co-authored by Dr. Ilkka Ronkainen.

Michael R Czinkota and Ilkka A Ronkainen, Global Business: Positioning Ventures Ahead (New York: Routledge, 2011), pg. 235.