New Course on International Trade Institutions


This coming Fall I will offer a new course titled Institutions for International Trade. It is designed to advance students' knowledge of public and private interaction in trade by visiting and analyzing relevant key trade institutions in Washington, D.C. Enrollment for this course is now open until next week. View the course syllabus here: Institutions for International Trade Instructors can contact me at if you are interested in learning more about the course. Read more [...]

The Happiest Places on Earth

Recently, Google CFO Patrick Pichette made headlines when he resigned from the company. His reason was that he wanted to spend more time with his family. He is not alone. There has been a movement towards living healthier, longer, and happier lives. The World Happiness Report is a survey published for the United Nations. Started in 2012, it brings together experts across various fields of study such as economics, psychology, survey analysis, national statistics, health, and public policy. They Read more [...]

World’s Most Powerful Passports

The word passport is from the 1500 French terms passer and port which means authorization to pass through a gate of a city wall. A passport helps to travel across the world and allows holders to cross borders with ease. But some are more influential than others. Financial firm Arton Capital has put together a ranking of the world’s most powerful passports which allows holders the most global mobility based on how many countries can be visited without a visa or by getting one upon arrival. It Read more [...]

Too much Information for Germans and Americans

By Michael Czinkota The intelligence communities on both sides of the Atlantic (and probably the Pacific too) are reeling. Major accusations are levied about the inappropriateness and possibly even illegality of their data collection efforts. Going far beyond the Edward Snowden revelations, the claim is about systematic industrial espionage, with data scooping far in excess needed for the battle against terrorism. German chancellor Merkel Germany is accused of either having approved industrial Read more [...]

International Trade Matters to American Retailers

International trade supports millions of American jobs and is essential to the U.S. economy. The National Retail Federation (NRF) has recently published a new report that presents a state-by-state breakdown of the benefits of trade to the American economy. In 2013, U.S. trade supports nearly 6.9 million U.S. retail and restaurant jobs. Trade with the 11 countries negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the European Union members negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Read more [...]