US Companies Buying US Plants from Russian Steelmaker Severstal

The company had explained its disposal of foreign assets as a cost-cutting move, but the final sale also comes amid the worsening standoff over Ukraine between Moscow and Washington, which last week introduced its toughest round of sanctions yet against Russian companies. Read more [...]

What Yum! Brands Tells You About the World Economy

BY Chris Bailey for TheStreet Fast food chains and mass market restaurants can provide insightful indications on the global economy,  its strengths and weaknesses. To that end, one of the most insightful companies reported Wednesday night. The owner of well-known franchises KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, Yum! Brands  (YUM_), announced mixed second-quarter numbers, disappointing market expectations.  As a result, on Thursday shares were down nearly 6% at midday. What does this tell Read more [...]

France Calls for a ‘Rebalancing’ of the World Economy

Last week French Finance Minister Michel Sapin spoke out against the United States’ dollar’s standing as the world’s reserve currency. Upset with a $9 billion fine leveled by the U.S. against French bank BNP Paribas for helping nations like Sudan and Cuba avoid U.S. sanctions, Sapin called for a “rebalancing” of currencies used to make global payments. Translation: The dollar has to go. Read more [...]

WTO Has Rejected India’s Challenges Against Steel Import Laws: US

The US today claimed that the WTO has rejected most of India's challenges against American trade remedy laws and determinations regarding imports of certain steel products from India. Read more [...]

GLOBAL ECONOMY WEEKAHEAD-Charting a path to “normalisation”

Investors shift focus this coming week from trouble spots such as Portugal's biggest listed bank to a marathon testimony by the U.S. Fed chair that could help chart a global path towards post-crisis "normalisation". Read more [...]