White Paper : Securing America’s International Business Future


Published by American Marketing Association (AMA). The greatest threat to future U.S. prosperity and job prospects is the insufficient interest our leaders have in deploying resources to ensure that American engineers, managers and entrepreneurs are the best in the world at commercializing innovations and improving business processes. Click here for full article

Hungary’s Unacknowledged Leadership

Hungary has a strategic position in the heart of Europe. Porsche, General Motors, and Audi are producing many of their cars there; Industry development has attracted Foreign Direct Investment at a rising rate etc. However, all this is now jeopardized because of major EU internal strife over immigration policies. Click here for full article

Interview with Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) , in German

Es wird eng für VW. Seitdem der Abgas-Skandal publiziert wurde, wollen viele den Konzern finanziell bluten sehen. Milliardenklagen, Milliardenstrafen, Milliardenkosten – gigantische Summen. Click here for full article

For Your Long-Term Success Sponsor Innovation And Enter Asian Markets, with Peter R. Dickson

Here we expand on our proposal by explaining how CEOs in collaboration with universities can gain great benefits by increasing the innovativeness of your company by sponsoring and working with innovators Click here for full article

International Logistics, Part 3: Inventory as a Strategic Tool

Why international inventory can be an important strategic tool used by the international corporation to deal with currency valuation changes or hedging against inflation? Click here for full article

Distinguished Guest Speaker from the Embassy of the Principality of Liechtenstein

On April 11, our class got the pleasure of having a distinguished guest speaker -Her Excellency Claudia Fritsche, Ambassador of the Principality of Liechtenstein to The United States . We are very grateful for the inspiring thoughts and valuable experiences she shared with us. Click here for full article