Marketing Textbook by McDonough Professors Cited in 1,000 Scholarly Articles

Monday, October 27, 2014 by MSB Georgetown International Marketing, an oft-used marketing textbook used in undergraduate business and MBA programs nationwide written by Georgetown professors of marketing Michael Czinkota and Ilkka A. Ronkainen reached, 1,000 citations on Google Scholar. Google Scholar tracks the number of times each book or article is cited in publicly available scholarly works. The number of citations is a generally accepted indicator of the confidence Read more [...]

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker Scheduled to Speak on Africa in Atlanta

Secretary Pritzker is a key leader of the Doing Business in Africa Initiative, connecting more and more U.S. companies to opportunities on the continent. She's scheduled to speak at DISCOVER GLOBAL MARKETS: Sub-Saharan Africa in Atlanta, November 5-6. Read more [...]

ITC: India’s trade policies

The second report, by the U.S. International Trade Commission, is expected next month. Here, the U.S. evaluates the impact of India's trade policies Read more [...]