New Course on International Trade Institutions


This coming Fall I will offer a new course titled Institutions for International Trade. It is designed to advance students' knowledge of public and private interaction in trade by visiting and analyzing relevant key trade institutions in Washington, D.C. Enrollment for this course is now open until next week. View the course syllabus here: Institutions for International Trade Instructors can contact me at if you are interested in learning more about the course. Click here for full article

Can Shame become the next major Tool to change public behavior?

Beijing, the Chinese capital, has, for decades, been infamous for its heavy smog. Since 2014, the government has focused on improving the air quality. Smog related investments amount to $130 billion in support of policies designed to move away in power development from coal to cleaner energy sources. Outdoor smog has been linked to 1.2 million premature deaths a year in China.  An outdoor concentration of pollutants of 300 units is considered detrimental to personal health. Often, however, Click here for full article

ExWorks Capital To Provide Funding To Fill Possible ExIm Bank Gap

ExWorks Capital - a privately funded export & trade finance companyis prepared to finance small to mid-size business as a bridge measure, or ongoing, should the ExIm Bank of the United States have its operations interrupted on June 30th. ExIm Bank is important to ExWorks Capital under normal circumstances, but also has private capital for trade finance that is often used for companies and transactions which may not fit the usual ExIm Bank profiles. Furthermore, ExWorks has a SBA export Click here for full article

New CEPA Report on Baltic Sea Security: The Coming Storm

NATO’s credibility is at stake in the Baltic region. If front-line states do not cooperate, the Atlantic Alliance is at risk of losing its credibility and effectiveness without a shot being fired. Read the full report here Today the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) releases its ground-breaking report on Baltic Sea security: “The Coming Storm.” Authored by Senior Vice President Edward Lucas, the report includes inputs from CEPA’s Central Europe Strategic Assessment Click here for full article

What We Should Be Teaching Our Kids That Isn’t Found in Heavy Bookbags

There is no doubt that children today are being overworked and over-scheduled—but do the Czinkota brothers have a good point about what education should be? WE just concluded the fall school vacation. Between us two brothers, we have three children, 6, 7, and 10, with whom we spent the week in conversation, playing and thinking. Here are some of the issues that we considered, but are not sure that we solved: Are children overworked? Over time growing societal surpluses have made it Click here for full article


Why does President Obama advocate Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? How can TPP grow U.S. businesses, create local jobs, and expand the middle class? The Council of Economic Advisors published a report, The Economic Benefits of U.S. Trade 2015 (click for the full report), which presents original empirical evidence, alongside a summary of the extensive economic literature, on a broad range of effects of enhanced U.S. trade and U.S. free trade agreements (FTAs). Highlights from this report include: U.S. Click here for full article