New world, new policy: Brexit and the U.S.

International trade and investment issues grow more complex and require major reconsideration by governments, firms and individuals. No-one is exempt from the new policy directions of the U.S. government and the impending British exit (Brexit) from the European Union (EU).

Global Benefits of Trade

The effects of growing global influences on domestic economies have been significant. Policymakers have increasingly come to recognize that it is very difficult to isolate domestic economic activity from international market events. Decisions that were once clearly in the domestic

The globalization of the Big Mac

International business has brought about a global reorientation of supply chain strategies. While a particular product may be sold here, its subcomponents may come from many different nations. The components of the Big Mac, for example, come from seven different

Pros and Cons of Foreign Direct Investment

There have been many debates regarding the positive and negative effects of foreign direct investment with the host government caught in a love-hate relationship. On the one hand, the host country has to appreciate the various contributions , especially economic, that