Research Award for Professor Czinkota

Professor Michael R. Czinkota (jointly with Professor Ruediger Kaufmann) received the William R. Darden Award for Best Research Methodology, particularly for his work on “An Integration of the Curative International Marketing Construct”. The award was presented at the Academy of Marketing Science’s annual meeting in Orlando Florida.

with president

Meeting with Prof. Aldison Borges, President, Academy of Marketing Science and RC Professor, NEOMA Business School, Reims, France

with mickey mouse

Professor Czinkota receives congratulations and warm regards from Mickey Mouse in Orlando, Florida


The document

Economic Impact on Refugee Crisis, Interview with CCTV

How much countries are spending to help asylum seekers?  Is the money enough to tackle the crisis?

What is the cost of potential policy alternatives?  What are the incentives decision makers could use to keep people in the country?

Watch an Interview with CCTV-AMERICA:

Interview with Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) , in German

Überlebt Volkswagen?

Es wird eng für VW. Seitdem der Abgas-Skandal publiziert wurde, wollen viele den Konzern finanziell bluten sehen. Milliardenklagen, Milliardenstrafen, Milliardenkosten – gigantische Summen.
Volkswagen ist reich, aber Forderungen dieser Größenordnung sind in der Geschichte einzigartig. Wenige Tage nach den ersten Meldungen von manipulierten Abgaswerten sprach der neue VW-Aufsichtsratsvorsitzende Pötsch von einer „existenzbedrohenden Krise“.



View on migrants entering Hungary

Hungary has been the spotlight of the news recently with reports of the maltreatment of migrants entering and passing through the country. While I do not agree with the drastic measures taken, Hungary’s short-term solution is mainly about concern for its own economic stability.

I spoke with CCTV’s Asieh Namdar regarding my thoughts on the issue. You can view the video here: