Troy Fuhriman and Jozsef Szamosfalvi at the First Year Seminar

This week, the students had the opportunity to hear the insights of two professionals specialized in international trading financing, Troy Fuhriman and Jozsef Szamosfalvi, who kindly accepted the invitation to be our guests yesterday, Nov.1st.

Mr. Fuhriman, Professor Czinkota and Mr. Szamosfalvi

Mr. Fuhriman, Professor Czinkota and Mr. Szamosfalvi

Troy Fuhriman (left) is the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM). He helped analyze the rationale, history, tradition and needs of EXIM Bank. He also discussed the controversy surrounding the existence of EXIM Bank and highlighted the existence of competitive organizations. 

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Mr. Fuhriman has been one of the very early Trump’s appointees at the official US Government export credit agency, where he has served since January 2017. He has also been an Associate Professor of Law at the Kyungpook National University, in South Korea, for seven years.

Mr. Fuhriman also co-founded and managed Goldfinch Limited and Stellar Photonics for 14 years.

Mr. Jozsef Szamosfalvi (right) is the Managing Director at ExWorks Capital, a senior secured debt fund focused on international trade financing. He shared his thoughts from the perspective of private sector, especially on trade finance. He is also the Managing Director at the financial advisory firm Interlink Capital Strategies, where he focuses on emerging markets, especially for projects related to infrastructure, financial and energy sectors.


Mr. Szamosfalvi is also part of Georgetown University as an adjunct instructor for international trade and emerging market finance at the McDonough Business School.  He kindly invited our students to consider applying for work at his firm.

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ExWorks Capital To Provide Funding To Fill Possible ExIm Bank Gap

ExWorks Capital – a privately funded export & trade finance companyis prepared to finance small to mid-size business as a bridge measure, or ongoing, should the ExIm Bank of the United States have its operations interrupted on June 30th.

ExIm Bank is important to ExWorks Capital under normal circumstances, but also has private capital for trade finance that is often used for companies and transactions which may not fit the usual ExIm Bank profiles.

Furthermore, ExWorks has a SBA export finance platform – World Trade Finance – that is unrelated to ExIm reauthorization issues and completely independent as it operates under the SBA’s authority.

ExWorks provides trade financing with private capital to support the purchase and shipment of U.S. manufactured products to overseas buyers, and to assist and support U.S. manufacturing by procuring and shipping to overseas buyers as a one-stop trading house.

“ExWorks stands ready to support ExIm Bank users and prospective borrowers to bridge this critical period of time should ExIm see interruption in ability to operate” says Randy Abrahams, Executive Chairman of ExWorks Capital. “We remain mystified that a debate even exists around the United States having an export credit agency that by every measure clearly supports small businesses across the country and provides for job creation and preservation in the United States.”

“Without a doubt, small companies will be the most dramatically affected as will be their respective employees by a shut down or interruption of ExIm” comments John McAdams, CEO of ExWorks. “We will be there in support of those companies as needed until the ExIm Bank Charter is reauthorized.”

ExWorks provides trade financing with private capital by buying goods like any domestic customer and taking the risk in selling overseas as well as advancing funds to complete manufacturing of viable export purchase orders.

ExWorks also provides Working Capital lines of Credit under SBA and ExIm Delegated Authority whereby transaction specific loans are provided to U.S. exporters permitting them to extend more aggressive terms to their overseas buyers.

As a result of its private funding, ExWorks Capital will be able to respond to requests as it continues to build its presence as the premier independent non bank lender in the Export Trade Finance space.

Exworks remains hopeful the ExIm Bank will not see interruption in the critical funding it provides for small business, but will plan to help keep these businesses from meltdown in case the much needed authorization for ExIm is not provided by June 30th.

About ExWorks Capital:
ExWorks Capital is an international trade finance company that offers export financing solutions through its export finance company that utilizes its own capital as well as ExIm Bank and SBA export authorities to support small to mid-size businesses. ExWorks Capital’s offerings include:
Working Capital Financing – International Trade Receivable and Inventory Revolvers, including advancing on Raw Materials, WIP and Finished Goods, between $1,000,000 and $25,000,000
Term Loan Financing – Term Loans between $10,000,000 and $100,000,000 to Foreign Customers
Export Trading – Negotiating the buy and/or sell side of a transaction and processing all of the associated documentation from the acquisition of the export to its shipment and delivery to an international customer thus eliminating trade risk to the supplier between $500,000 and $25,000,000