Companies that already have become global marketers, as well as those that plan to do so, must look at the world marketplace to identify global opportunities. The forces that affect an industry must also be analyzed to determine the firm’s competitiveness. To evaluate the full range of opportunities requires a global perspective for market research. Researchers must provide more than data on strictly local factors within each country. All firms that market their products in overseas markets require information that makes it possible to perform analysis across several countries or markets. However, leaving each local subsidiary or market to develop its own database will not result in an integrated marketing information system (MIS). Instead, authority to develop a centrally managed MIS must be assigned to a central location, and market reports need to be sent directly to the firm’s chief international marketing officer.

The Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics (IBOPE) is among the top 25 global research organizations. It has operations in 14 countries in North and South America.

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