Marketing Management: Past, Present, and Future


I’m pleased to announce the publication of my new book! Marketing Management: Past, Present, and Future is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Please check out the link to purchase it down below.

This textbook provides students with comprehensive insights on the classical and contemporary marketing theories and their practical implications. A fourth, revised edition of Marketing Management, the text features new classical and contemporary cases, new interdisciplinary and cross-functional implications of business management theories, contemporary marketing management principles, and futuristic application of marketing management theories and concepts. The core and complex issues are presented in a simplified manner providing students with a stimulating learning experience that enables critical thinking, understanding, and future application.

Why International Marketing? Five Core Benefits Explain Key Rationale

This article, “Why International Marketing?“, authored by Dr. Czinkota appeared in the Summer 2011 edition of Marketing Management. Dr. Czinkota describes how change can affect our perceptions of international marketing, especially in light of the particularly damaging consequences of economic recession on  globalized brands and businesses.  To address his question, Dr. Czinkota discussed the issues at hand with those “in the trenches”  themselves– international executives.  What arose from these discussions were five intrinsic benefits of international marketing which continue to influence the hopes and interests of those in the field as well as illuminate places  for growth.

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