Migrant Entrepreneurship Presentation AIB 2020 Panel

Below is a presentation I gave at the 2020 annual meeting of the Academy of International Business. The address was given for a panel on Migrant Entrepreneurship, which can be financially and culturally beneficial for migrants and local small businesses (some of which may well grow into large firms). Just think of Elon Musk (Tesla) – South Africa, Sergey Brin (Google) – Russia, and Peter Thiel (Investor) – Germany as innovators from the next front door.

Georgetown First Year Seminar – Final Presentation

With help of a course specific editorial board, each student in FYS write a draft editorial during the semester, and made it a final public editorial and delivered a 4-minute presentation on the November 29th session of the course. During the session, students showed their innovation and great presentation skills. The editorial board members gave their insightful opinions and suggestions on the topics. Professor Czinkota also prepared a sweet Certificate of Appreciation to all the editorial board members for their generous contribution to the course.

unnamed2Students in FYS develop an editorial which tackles an institutional trade issue relevant to them. These editorials can take any form of dissemination ranging from print instruments, social media, or Youtube films. The work can include an assessment of government and taxpayer expenditure on a trade related measures. Or it can represent the impact of government actions on corporate trade conditions. The first editorial draft is handed in for comment by and discussion with the instructor and the editorial team on Oct. 11. Subsequently, after discussion, the goal is to produce one cohesive, brief and insightful commentary which is postable or publishable for mail-out. Each student collaborated with the editorial board, the coaches and professor.

Editorial Board Members: Thank you very much for taking time sharing your unique insights and experience to the students. Your advice has greatly inspired them to take a deeper view in the subject matter and beyond. Your kind talk would always be remembered by the students.


Thank you again for the 5 amazing editorialists: (from left to right)

Molly Fleenor
Assistant Director of Communications
Georgetown University McDonough School of Business

Joana Godinho
Guest Producer

Nicolette Hurd
The McCormick Group

Jennifer Boettcher
Business Information Consultant
Georgetown University

Glenn Morel
CEO & Founder
AVID Productions

Presentation of Chinese Scroll

Dr. Czinkota receives a scroll with a Chinese poem written in calligraphy from Professor Youhua Lou.

chinese scroll copy

Below is the poem and its English translation. The poem describes the beauties of the mountain village in the sunset that is clear after the rain and the pure-hearted personality of villagers. The poet focuses on landscapes to express his satisfaction as a recluse who was a person of unsullied character and pursued the ideal state.

An Autumn Evening in the Mountains

Wang Wei

After rain the empty mountain
Stands autumnal in the evening,

Moonlight in its groves of pine,
Stones of crystal in its brooks.

Bamboos whisper of washer-girls bound home,
Lotus-leaves yield before a fisher-boat —

The scents of spring may go; that’s Nature’s will.
This season here attracts the noble still.