2019 Fall Luncheon for Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business Faculty

On the occasion of the 2019 Fall Faculty Luncheon at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, it was a great pleasure to reunify Professor Emeritus Othmar Winkler (center) – our most senior faculty member, Professor Thomas Cooke (right center) – lead professor in accounting, Dean of Executive Programs Charles Skuba (far right), Professor Michael Czinkota (left center) and Professor Alan Mayer-Sommer (far left) – expert in accounting. A good time was had by all!

AtCommencement with Almost 1,000 Business School Graduates

It was a pleasure to be at commencement with almost 1,000 business school graduates. Helping to formulate thoughts and minds is a great mission and accomplishment.

It was a great pleasure to be with colleagues Othmar Winkler, SeniorProfessor emeritus (he was instrumental in hiring me at Georgetown) and professor Thomas Cooke, Senior Professor at Georgetown.

A Month Across the Pond: My Time at Kent Business School

This past month, I had the great opportunity to travel to England, where I taught a seminar session on International Business in a Dynamic Environment in Canterbury. Over the course of four weeks we discussed the many different aspects of International Business with students, and the discussion proved to be both deep and mind opening.

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Two Major Honors for Professor Czinkota!

It is a great pleasure to announce Prof. Michael Czinkota has received two significant honors in Peru. First off, he has received a Doctor Honoris Causa degree (his third) for his work in international business and marketing. Second, it was announced by the Universidad Ricardo Palma,  that in light of his globally leading work in International Marketing and Business, its new School of Global Marketing and Business is being named after Dr. Czinkota.  These honors , of course, reflect  the many leading edge research activities carried out at the McDonough School of Business. An article covering the events in Lima can be found by clicking below.

article in Lima