Expert Talk: Congressman Charles W. Boustany Jr.

We truly enjoyed having Congressman Charles W. Boustany Jr. and Margaret Cekuta to come and share with their work in international trade with us. One of our students writes, “I admired Congressman Boustany’s story about his career journey, as he started out as a heart surgeon, but without any political establishment in his district, decided to run for Congress to affect positive change in his community and beyond.” From heart surgeon to a congressman, thank you for sharing your insights with us! And thank you Margaret (GU’12) to serve as a role model for many of our students!

Expert Talk: Prof. Demir Yener from JHU

On October 2nd, we had Professor Demir Yener from John Hopkins University to give students a lecture on Corporate Governance. We discussed the case of WeWork, as well as ESG and portfolio management. Students found the lecture “refreshing”,”engaging” and “insightful”. Thanks Professor Yener and happy birthday! (as Professor revealed Oct 3rd would be his birthday).

Expert Talk: Ms. Katja Bullock of the White House

It was our honor to have Ms.Katja Bullock to speak with us on Wednesday Sept 25. Ms. Bullock is the longest White House employee to date, and has served four different presidents from Ronald Reagon, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush to Donald Trump. She shared her insights on different management styles of each presidents and provided nuanced views on her work, the White House. One of the students wrote “It can be difficult to think about presidents as real people at times, because we typically only see them as they are portrayed in the media or in big public events, so it was cool to hear about several presidents from a more personal point of view. ” And of course, her valuable career advice and suggestions on government internship has attracted a considerable amount of students crowd post the talk!

Expert talk: Martha Lawless from International Trade Commission

It was delightful to host Ms. Martha Lawless at my International Trade class this Wednesday. She covered topics from service trade, international e-commerce and trade barriers and shared her insights on government regulation, tax policy and the challenge with counterfiet products. Students were very engaged in the conversation and raised great questions. Thanks Ms. Lawless for the talk and we would love to have you again in the future!